No. 2

Truck Stops: Baker City's Truck Corral has a version of every appliance ever made, but small. And you can plug it into your car.

Amy: Ohmygodthisplacehasaversionofeveryapplianceevermade, but smaller and you can plug it into a car.
Sloan: What?
Amy: They have a pizza maker that you plug into your car!
Sloan: For sleepovers.
Amy: Speaking of, we're getting one of these - should we get one of these? It's a CabNapper pillow. It slips over your headrest and you sleep on it.
Sloan: We don't have headrests, babe. And the camper has two beds.
Amy: Fine. I'm getting the pizza maker.

It's true, we don't have headrests, but we do have crystal clear skies and free WiFi tonight in Wells, Nevada. Jackpot!


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